Natural Cream to Help Deal with Hemorrhoids and Fissure Pains
Eliminat® is a natural cream that helps dealing with hemorrhoids and anal fissure pain.
Eliminat® natural treatment is derived from natural ingredients containing no artificial colors, yeast, chemicals, narcotics or sugar. Eliminat® natural treatment comes as a cream which applied on the affected area.
  • No Araban
  • No Chemicals
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Preservatives
  • No Lanolin
  • No Paraben
  • No Petrochemicals
  • No Fragrance
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Active Formula
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Eliminat® were extensively covered on Channel 8 on TV which reviewed the natural health ointments.
Eliminat® was highly appreciated by the channel specialists…
"It really saved me. I was just before surgery and decided to try the "Eliminat®, it's amazing" Customer ID 225897

"I tried almost everything, without success, until I found Eliminat®" Customer ID 129996

"do not know what I would do without Eliminat®. After I used Eliminat® the pain disappeared" Customer ID 453120
Eliminat® is a 100% natural solution for Hemorrhoids and Fissure; it contains the benefit of 5 traditional biblical ancient Essential Oils. Eliminat® ointment is known to efficiently calm, relieve and heal the hemorrhoids and Fissure.
  • Eliminat® Shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue. *
  • Eliminat® Cleans decayed tissues. *
  • Eliminat® Reduces hemorrhoid and Fissure pain. *
  • Eliminat® Stimulates new tissue growth. *
  • Eliminat® Reduces heat and inflammation. *
  • Eliminat® has a good smell and cool feeling. *
Eliminat® ointment cleans all material from the affected area, clears away the decayed tissues and encourages new tissue growth. *
Eliminat® ointment contains 100% natural ingredients that is useful against Hemorrhoids and Fissure. * It shrinks the swollen tissues to facilitates easy bowel movements. Eliminat® moisturizes the anal area and keeps it from drying out. This reduces itching and dryness around the affected area. * Eliminat® reduces the size of blood vessels, and thus alleviates the root cause of Hemorrhoids and Fissure symptoms.
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Clean with mild soap and warm water and gently dry the affected area by patting with clean tissue before applying the Eliminat® ointment.
Apply externally on the affected area up to 3 times daily, especially at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement.
When used for external hemorrhoids, apply the ointment directly on the affected area.
When used for internal fissure, gently insert the ointment into the rectum; push the appropriate amount of ointment inside.
Keep the ointment in a cool area. It's recommended to change diet to food that does not cause hard stools, information about such foods can be found here.
Some people may experience allergic reactions such as itching. In case of having allergic reactions to one of the above ingredient, call your doctor immediately.